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About Michel de France

Though Michel de France is located in Southern California, its roots and history are from the beautiful region of Brittany, France, the childhood home of Michel de France founder, Chef Michel.

Chef Michel was raised in the heart of crepe culture where crepes were always part of his family meals. Ham and cheese, eggs, vegetables, fruit and honey, and even desserts made with the thinner and sweeter crepes known as "gaufrettes", which were rolled with melted chocolate inside.

With a passion for food and a pocket full of family recipes to share with the world, young chef Michel left France for the shores of California. Locals began to flock to his homemade crepes filled with all the regional and fresh ingredients California has to offer.

Michel de France is the oldest and first crepe company founded in the United States. Thirty years have passed since its founding, but not Michel's passion for bringing new products, flavors, and innovations to the world. While Michel's crepe capacity has grown from a griddle to 200,000 crepes a day from a state-of-the-art automated line, the recipe used is still the one he brought with him from Brittany.

Michel's passion has been lovingly passed on to his two sons, Erwan and Philippe, who now run the company.  Together, they are developing the next generation of exciting products to share with the world.

Gluten-Free Products, Norigami Soy Wraps, Cocktail Blinis, Roll and Fan Wafers, Organics and ready to heat desserts now round out the Michel de France line.

While the company has grown, so has our passion for sharing a little piece of our family tradition with yours.