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Norigami wraps

Our knowledge and experience baking thin crepes led us to think of a way to create a thin wrap. Norigami Wraps offer a healthy solution to create sandwiches and starters.

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Crepes, blinis and more

Our story started with one crepe, our signature French-style crepe. We have now developed a selection of crepes, blinis and buttermilk crepes.

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Wafers and Paillette

Did you know we also bake delicious wafers to compliment your desserts and ice cream? You can also use our paillette to give some crunch to your chocolate preparation, gelato or frozen yogurt.

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Wafers & Paillette

Simple To Use

We want to make things as easy as possible for you, that is why we continuously work on creating new recipes and how-to use our products. Follow us on Instagram to see all our new recipes as soon as we post them!

Simple to use recipes
“The wraps are very thin and healthy, so you really don’t feel guilty eating plenty of those. Also, the ingredients are very basics with nothing weird in them (you know what you are eating!). I love them!”
Noberto, California
Pancake batter