Michel De France

Mille Crepes Cheese Cake with Lemon Sauce Topping

Mille Crepes Cheese Cake with Lemon Sauce Topping

Create this Delicious Mille Crepes Cheese Cake in no time! All you need is a pack of twenty pre-made Michel de France Pastry-Style Crepes and few simple ingredients.

Cheese Cake Cream

-32 oz classic cream cheese

-1 cup sugar

-4 eggs

Lemon Sauce

-Fresh Lemon Juice 5oz

-Sugar 5oz

-Whole eggs 5

-Egg Yolks 5

-Butter Unsalted 4oz


-20 Michel de France Pastry Crepes


Cheese Cake Cream

Place the cream cheese in a mixer bowl, add the sugar and the eggs and mix on medium speed for five minutes.

Lemon Sauce

Beat together fresh lemon juice, sugar, whole egg and egg yolk with a mixer on medium-high speed. Transfer mixture to a small saucepan. and cook, stirring constantly over medium heat. Add the butter. When thick enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon, transfer to a bowl. Cover the surface and let cool in the refrigerator.


Place one crepe in the center of a plate, spread evenly cheese Cake Cream over crepe. Repeat layering with remaining crepes, ending with the last crepe. Spoon cold lemon sauce on top of cake and carefully spread across top and sides. Refrigerate until serving.